Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

From the Publisher:
Or, at least, she did. That was before she left the pop-idol life behind after she gained a dress size or two — and lost a boyfriend, a recording contract, and her life savings (when Mom took the money and ran off to Argentina). Now that the glamour and glory days of endless mall appearances are in the past, Heather’s perfectly happy with her new size 12 shape (the average for the American woman!) and her new job as an assistant dorm director at one of New York’s top colleges. That is, until the dead body of a female student from Heather’s residence hall is discovered at the bottom of an elevator shaft.
The cops and the college president are ready to chalk the death off as an accident, the result of reckless youthful mischief. But Heather knows teenage girls . . . and girls do not elevator surf. Yet no one wants to listen — not the police, her colleagues, or the P.I. who owns the brownstone where she lives — even when more students start turning up dead in equally ordinary and subtly sinister ways. So Heather makes the decision to take on yet another new career: as spunky girl detective!

But her new job comes with few benefits, no cheering crowds, and lots of liabilities, some of them potentially fatal. And nothing ticks off a killer more than a portly ex-pop star who’s sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong . . .

My Comments:

I loved Heather Wells. It was a fun, light mystery that had a good reading pace. This isn’t rocket science. It’s not deep, thought provoking reading. Don’t we all need that from time to time? I do, and this cute little mystery fit the bill.

This is my first adult Meg Cabot. It reads the same as a young adult Meg Cabot except with a few more expletives and implication of sex and some other more mature themes. So in other words, I didn’t have to get out my dictionary but that’s okay. The story was good and I looked forward to each turn of the page.

Heather is someone I think most of us can relate to on some level. I admire her spirit and her willingness to pick up and start all over again even when pride would get in the way with most people. But I’ve been craving a Dove ice cream bar ever since reading it!

In this copy, there was a section in the back where the author discussed how she puts a little of herself in all her characters. She lived in New York and was an assistant dorm director and was a size 12. Looking at her picture on the back of the book, I remembered thinking,”what would this skinny minnie know about being a size 12?” So, yes, I respect the author that much more for not pretending to be a size 12 to write about it. Go Meg!

Size 14 Is Not Fat Either is happily awaiting me to pick it up on my To Be Read Shelf and it won’t have to wait very long!

Keep It Or Pass It On?
Well, I’m passing it on. It was snatched up at the second I posted it. I wanted to keep it, but realized that was because I liked the book, not because I would read it again. *sigh* I love my books. It’s hard to let them go.

One Response to “Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot”

  1. VioletEyedDreamz Says:

    This one I just didn’t like…I’ve read a lot of Cabot’s books and this one just was lacking something. For a Meg Cabot adult book, might I suggest Every Boy’s Got One…I loved that one.

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