Seduction in Death by JD Robb

From the Publisher:
It’s Dante’s first date with his cyberspace lady love, and he’s got the whole evening planned — soft music, candlelight, a bed covered with rose petals and, just in case the lady is shy or unwilling, a rare, undetectable date-rape drug that’s worth a fortune on the streets. He hadn’t planned to kill her so quickly. He never guessed how thrilling it would be. And there’s nothing to stop him from plying his fatal art of seduction on yet another unsuspecting woman, except invincible police lieutenant Eve Dallas, who’s back on the beat and determined to stop this Casanova killer before he kisses — and kills — again.

My Comments:
I am trying to live up to my New Year Resolution. Which is to catch up on this In Death series by reading one a month. I slipped up last month, but I’m not going to beat myself up too badly for it. I’m back on track!

Seduction in Death was typical of the series. No big stand outs for me. The story was good. The characters are fabulous and the best part about this series is all the little nuggets of the supporting characters. The relationship between Peabody and McNab is so adorable. Reading about them is really what kept me reading this book, because frankly, as good as these books are, they are all pretty much the same. But Eve’s relationship with Roarke grows deeper, Sommerset even shows some deeper qualities in his care for Eve through Roarke. Charles, Peabody’s friend even gets to grow in a relationship in this book. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t much care if I picked up another book in this series or not. JD Robb (Nora Roberts) is very clever to give us such vivid characters to grow and evolve.

While I can’t say I’m truly looking forward to reading the next one I have scheduled in April (Reunion in Death), I will read it. And I will like it. It’s like a comfortable pair of shoes you look forward to putting on. They aren’t the best pair of shoes you own, but they feel really good and get you from one place to another.

And I do have a history with this series. I wrote before about my Grandmother and how she would read these and pass them on to me. It was fun sharing that with her. And I miss that. It took me a while to pick them back up again after she passed away. But I’m really glad I did.

Keep It Or Pass It On?
I already posted it on These books usually go pretty quickly.

One Response to “Seduction in Death by JD Robb”

  1. VioletEyedDreamz Says:

    you are definitely at the portion of our programming that it was kinda blah for all of us…there were a few books that weren’t spectacular, but they get better…Anything after Imitation is awesome

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