Gone For Good by Harlan Coben

From the Publisher
“As a boy, Will Klein had a hero: his older brother, Ken. Then, on a warm suburban night in the Kleins’ affluent New Jersey neighborhood, a young woman – a girl Will had once loved – was found raped and murdered in her family’s basement. The prime suspect: Ken Klein. With the evidence against him overwhelming, Ken simply vanished, spending the next decade as the elusive subject of rumors, speculation, and an international manhunt. When his shattered family never heard from Ken again, they were sure he was gone for good.” Now eleven years have passed. And Will, who always believed in his brother’s innocence, has found evidence that Ken is alive – even as he is struck by another act of betrayal. His girlfriend suddenly disappears, leaving behind compelling evidence that she was not the person Will thought she was. As two dark dramas unwind around him, Will is pulled into a violent mystery, haunted by signs that Ken is trying to contact him after all these years. Will can feel himself coming closer and closer to his brother … and to a terrible secret that someone will kill to keep buried. And as the lies begin to unravel, Will is uncovering starting truths about his lover, his brother, and even himself. He knows he must press his search all the way to the end. Because the most powerful revelations are yet to come.

My Comments:
This is my first by Harlan Coben and won’t be my last! The Book Group has talked about this author and his Myron series for ages and I finally caught on.

I picked this book up before going to bed, and before I knew it, it was 2AM and I was a hundred pages in. I’ve never read a book that had me turning the pages so quickly before. I was hooked by the end of page one. A first for me.

I used to adore thrillers. It was my genre of choice. Then John Grisham began to bore me. I forgot all about Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Joy Fielding, John Saul and John Sanford. Coben reminded me what I’ve been missing.

As you read this book, you’ll be constantly surprised. Forget playing detective and figuring out who done anything. You’ll be proven wrong by the end of the next chapter. Nothing is what you think it is. I’ve never read anything where the plot was turned upside down and inside out as much as this was. It was absolutely wonderful! I’m still blown away by the ending. Completely and utterly.

I can’t wait for my husband to read it. He’s the type who watches a TV show and tells you who did it and why in the first five minutes. This will leave him guessing for sure!

Keep It Or Pass It On?
I’m keeping it for Michael to read and then I think I’ll http://www.paperbackswap it! I can’t keep all this thrill a minute goodness to myself!

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