Confessions of a Super Mom by Melanie Lynne Hauser

Divorced mother of two teenagers, Birdie Lee is a grocery store clerk and PTA member by day and Super Mom by night. Using her super cleaning powers to rid the town of disgusting bus station bathrooms, her Super Mom Glare to stop necking teenagers out after curfew, and her Super Time Out to thwart bad guys of their evil plans, Super Mom is a comic delight.

After mixing a toxic combination of cleaning solutions, Birdie Lee is over come by fumes. She awakens to unique abilities, including a useful scrubby-like palm on her right hand, a shooting stream of the most powerful cleaning solution known to man, and an extraordinary ability to sense when children are in trouble.

Discovering her uppity neighbors, self-made millionaires Lex and Patty Osborne and their company New Cosmos Industries is up to more then just mass producing sugary All- American snacks, Super Mom has found her arch nemesis!

What Mom hasn’t fantasized about being Super Mom? Just for the cleaning ability alone! Melanie Lynne Hauser has novelized the dream come true for mom’s everywhere.

A ridiculously cute read, the somewhat elementary writing style is made up for by the entertaining concept of motherhood in a super hero cape. The charming anecdotes of family, challenges and success in raising teenagers brought heart to this novel with a little bit of delightful romance thrown in for good measure.

You won’t find any surprises in Confessions of a Super Mom. It’s not a particularly thought-provoking read, and it follows a standard formula, but the author keeps it fresh enough to keep it entertaining.

With fun appearances by popular super heroes we all know and love, Confessions of a Super Mom delights the reader with the fun of applying for Justice League of America, getting a super hero mentor and balancing the responsibilities of saving the world while helping your kids with their homework.

Stay tuned for the next entertaining episode of Super Mom in Super Mom Saves the World!

Keep It Or Pass It On? It’s listed on for anyone interested. It was okay, but definitely not a keeper!

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