Good Ghoul’s Guide to Getting Even by Julie Kenner

Elizabeth (Beth to her friends) Frasier’s junior year of high school was going so well… Until her super crush, Stephen Wills turns her into a vampire! Her parents are divorced, professional, and have no time for her. Beth still manages to strive toward her goals of valedictorian and future NYU student and has good friends who stay true even when Beth gets a pesky thirst for type O-neg.

Stephen Wills has plans for Beth. He’s turned most of the football team already and she could hold the key to what he desires most. All Beth desires is getting even with him, and the popular cheerleaders who lured her into his evil clutches! That and keeping her valedictorian status.

Beth has to find out if she can become human again, stop a power mad vampire, convince the vampire hunters she’s one of the good guys and still get accepted at NYU! Thank goodness she has her best friend, new would-be boyfriend/fierce academic competitor on her side, or she might not make it through to the next night.

I appreciate Julie Kenner’s ability to craft such a well written story with humor and intelligence that relates well to young adults without talking down to them or resorting to vulgarity. While she captures a teen voice, it’s not too trendy. Adults can enjoy THE GOOD GHOULS’ GUIDE TO GETTING EVEN just as much as teens. There’s the added bonus of being able to read it along with your teenager without worrying about turning red in the face!

The characters were smart and realistic and they were very good company for the weekend. Beth had many qualities to admire, and Stephen had many to abhor, just like good heroines and evil guys should. The supporting characters added a lot of good fodder and entertainment. I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again as the series progresses.

I found the novel to be engaging and laugh out loud funny. Kenner spins a great yarn and her pithy dialog has become her trademark. She has a great way of writing paranormal stories and spinning them in a new, fresh way. I greatly look forward to the next in the series GOOD GHOULS DO.

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Review Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

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