Supernatural: Nevermore by Keith R. A. DeCandido

If you’re familiar with the hit CW series, Supernatural, this book is definitely for you. I can’t say that one wouldn’t enjoy the book without watching the television show, but it would certainly add to the experience.

Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother 22 years ago to a demonic force. Since then, their father, John, has been hunting demons and training his boys to do the same. Now Sam and Dean are on their own seeking out the things that go bump in the night.

This book takes place right in the middle of the second season and is a direct tie in to the television series. Ash, the mullet sporting computer genius needs the Winchester’s to help out his friend, Manfred. The boys travel to New York City to learn just why Manfred’s house is being haunted by a screaming blond in a Queensryche t-shirt. At the same time, some grisly murders have caught their attention. Someone seems to be using Edgar Allan Poe’s famous literature as inspiration for murder and the Winchester boys came along just in time to investigate!

DeCandido did a very good job of capturing Sam and Dean. Their dialog was so typical of their characters and made them very vivid in my mind. One of the most important requirements for a book based on a television show is translating the people we enjoy watching into an accurate depiction in writing. That was definitely accomplished.

Unfortunately, I did find the plot to be fairly thin and whodunit was barely ever a question in my mind. Disappointing for someone who tries hard not to know the culprit until the end! However, all can be forgiven because the author captures the characters and the feel of the show so well. As a fan, it was definitely well worth the time.

I appreciated the interesting details about Edgar Allen Poe’s life and literature that were sprinkled throughout. I didn’t realize that Poe’s cottage was still standing as a museum in The Bronx and I found myself with a renewed enthusiasm for the gothic writer.

The music references were fantastic and well thought out, bringing more authentic detail to Manfred and his aspect of the story, not to mention Dean’s obsession with classic rock.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read and I look forward to more Supernatural fiction.

Review courtesy of CK2’s Kwips and Kritiques.

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