How Nancy Drew Saved My Life by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

23 Year old Charlotte Bell has had her heart broken by her first love, a married Ambassador who employs her as a nanny. In an effort to change her life and regain a lost childhood, she reads all the original Nancy Drew books. Excepting a new job for the U.S. Ambassador to Iceland, Charlotte looks to Nancy to see her through.

The title is what really drew me to this book. I adored Nancy Drew as a child, and I was excited that I wasn’t the only grown woman who still did. Unfortunately, I’d have been better off re-reading The Secret of the Old Clock.

Charlotte isn’t much of a likeable or sympathetic character. She enters into an affair with her married boss without a single qualm. Never really learning to think for herself, she asks “what would Nancy Do” in every situation, absolving herself of any real responsibility.

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any other substantial supporting characters to like either, with the possible exception of Annette, the precocious 6 year old she cares for.

The plot is meandering at best. There’s little rhyme or reason to the story. The characters don’t really have a direction and I’ve found myself more and more unwilling to be dragged along with them. If it weren’t for writing this review, I would not have finished reading it.

The bizarre ending came completely out of left field and would have benefited from some build up for the sake of dramatic tension at the very least. Just when I started to appreciate Charlotte’s efforts to stand on her own two feet as she finally learns something from making the same mistakes, poor Charlotte is left hanging with no real resolution.

I did enjoy the author’s style. I liked the use of language and the references the author made. I might have to try another book by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, because I found her choice of words enjoyable.

I am pleased that How Nancy Drew Saved my Life inspired me to dust off my old Nancy Drew books, so it wasn’t a total loss! It was a wonderful premise for a book. I really wanted to enjoy it more.

Reviewed By: Terri


One Response to “How Nancy Drew Saved My Life by Lauren Baratz-Logsted”

  1. Lauren Baratz-Logsted Says:

    I’m grateful you read one of my books and glad you liked it at least enough to maybe give one of the others a shot. I was led to your blog because I saw what you posted on another person’s blog about liking JA Konrath’s books – I agree, and I also agree that no, Joe is not fortyish. 🙂

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