Super Mom Saves the World by Melanie Lynne Hauser

Mild mannered grocery store clerk by day, Birdie Lee is Super Mom by night! And any other hours necessary because as we know, being a mom is a 24 hour a day job. In Melanie Lynne Hauser’s sequel to Confessions of Super Mom, we are in for more complications and fun than ever before as Birdie gets engaged, her daughter gets a driver’s license and her ex-husband, Doctor Dan decides he wants to get back together.

Adding to the quagmire, Super Mom is feeling under-appreciated for her past good deeds to say the least. By closing down an evil empire brainwashing the town’s children, she also caused an unemployment problem and some of the citizens would rather Super Mom took her apron and high heels for a hike. Now when Super Mom discovers a serious problem with the new Little League stadium being built, the town and especially the mayor wants her to buzz off. She has a new bucket headed villain taking her on, and only the power of 10,000 Swiffers can save the day. Until another accident happens and Super Mom acquires a new super sniffer power and her cleaning power of 10,000 Swiffers is increased to 20,000! Being able to smell the sweat on a snail makes things just that much more interesting. But will her new foe be a match for her new and improved powers?

I did enjoy Super Mom even more this go round. While the first book was enjoyable, it had a bit of an elementary feel to it as characters and their wacky antics were established. Super Mom Saves the World keeps things light and playful while tackling some tougher, yet familiar issues to us all. With a nice foundation of characters to build on, Super Mom Saves the World still has a lot of fun and a smidge more substance.

While this wasn’t thought provoking prose by any means, it was an entertaining and humorous way to spend a weekend. Tolstoy is wonderful and you feel smarter just by opening the cover of War and Peace, but there are times when it’s nice to unplug and lose yourself without straining your brain.

Mother’s everywhere can relate to feeling like their job of taking care of their home and family just aren’t appreciated. The sometimes comic trials and tribulations Super Mom goes through provide readers with a nice fantasy while still being easy to identify with. There was at least a small degree of believability for a reference point for those of us who don’t wear a cape.

For a well deserved break, why not spend some time saving the world with Super Mom? Let Mr. Clean and the Scrubbing Bubbles handle it on their own for a while.

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