An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris

Harper Connelly was given a special ability the night she was struck by lightening. She can find the dead and see how they died. Now she travels the country with her step brother using her ability the best way she knows how. She’s been hired to find out what’s happened to the missing teenage boys in Doraville, N.C. by the grandmother of the latest missing teen.

After finding 8 bodies, all buried in the same area, and all died in the most horrible ways imaginable, Harper just wants to leave town and put it behind her. Her first serial murder case has taken a lot out of her. But someone doesn’t want her to leave. And there’s a storm brewing. Small towns can be murder when everyone knows everyone and there’s no place to hide.

This is the third in the Harper Connelly series. Although it could stand alone, Harris does a marvelous job of summing up Harper’s history throughout the book, I can’t help but recommend you read the entire series.

I’m a huge fan of the way Harris can weave a tale in a small town and bring such colorful characters to life. She manages it in such a way to be uncomplicated, but not too simplistic to be trite or uninteresting.

Harper is such a tragic character to my mind. Another one of Harris’ talents. She creates wonderfully flawed characters who are so strong in their own way and overcome such adversity and yet always stay so grounded and humble.

The suspense in AN ICE COLD GRAVE can be cut with a knife. Usually a mystery ends with the discovery of the bodies, but this book turns everything upside down. Almost everyone is a potential suspect and nothing can be taken at face value.

The relationship between Harper and her step brother, Tolliver Lang heats up. While some are put off by their relationship, even though they aren’t related, it seemed a rather natural progression to me.

I always look forward to another Harper Connelly. It’s a pleasure to recommend AN ICE COLD GRAVE.

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