Small Favor by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden, wizard detective doesn’t look for trouble, but it sure finds him. Mab, Queen of the Winter Faery Court, is calling in one of the Favor’s Harry owes her. Find Gentleman Johnnie Marcone. Chicago’s criminal kingpin has been acquiring power in Sidhe Courts and now he’s missing. Honoring Mab’s debt could complicate things even more in the ongoing war between the Winter and Summer Seelie Courts, not honoring it could kill Harry once and for all.

SMALL FAVOR is the tenth installment of the Harry Dresden series, and it just keeps getting better and better. This novel continues to live up to the high expectations fans have become so easily accustomed to.

The plot, as with previous endeavors, is intricate, but not difficult to follow, and yet it’s nearly impossible to guess what Harry will do next. Butcher walks the fine line between caustic wit and delicious tension like a circus tightrope walker. The humor is perfectly timed and the pop culture references will bring a smile to any Geek Girl’s (or Guy’s) face. It’s not all fun and games though. There are some dark moments that Butcher uses his skill to make us cringe just as adeptly. Harry’s character is also an expert tightrope walker as his loyalties and sense of right and wrong is constantly put to the test.

The dialog is just what fans of Buffy and Firefly have been craving. Harry Dresden is king of the witty repartee!

All my favorite characters were brought back in this book. Michael wielding Amoracchius is always fantastic. I love the dynamic that Michael brings as Harry deals with his questions of faith. Thomas, Harry’s half brother, has become an indispensible character in the Dresden universe. Murphy always brings out the rogue in Harry as their relationship grows and changes. Butcher has a wonderful way of juggling a lot of well loved, bigger than life characters in such a way that it’s not overwhelming.

It was a wonderful ride, as always. I like seeing Harry’s life come together and having things go his way once in a while. Heck, even the Captain of The Warden’s is being nice. Real nice…. I think he’s more than earned it!


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