Virgin River by Robyn Carr

Melinda Monroe applied for the job of midwife in a very small remote town to try and heal after the senseless death of her husband. Upon discovering it was a lot more rustic than the pictures she was shown, she almost turns tail and goes back to more familiar surroundings. Until someone leaves a baby on the clinic doorstep. Mel discovers she’s needed in Virgin River. She’s also surprised to discover love was waiting for her.

This is my first time reading Robyn Carr, and it certainly won’t be the last! A friend was so enthusiastic about this trilogy that she offered to send them to me. Now I owe her big time. I’ve become an instant fan of Carr as a result

As I mentioned, this is the first in a trilogy. I highly suggest you get SHELTER MOUNTAIN and WHISPERING ROCK at the same time. They are all part of the same story and you’ll want to find out more about VIRGIN RIVER and revisit its characters.

I was immediately struck by the wonderful surroundings. The setting was as much a character in the book as the people. It made me long to visit such a place, if only it existed!

The characters are what really kept me turning pages into the night. As Mel and Jack began their friendship that eventually turned the corner into love, I was riveted. I have to admit to falling a bit in love with Jack myself. He was the epitome of everything desirable in a man. The supporting characters were all written so vividly, that I can’t wait to meet up with them all again.

Most of all, I appreciated the respect Ms. Carr wrote with as she created characters who were veterans in the Iraq war. No politics were involved, but she wrote with such honor at the sacrifices these men made and their lifelong bond. It brought tears to my eyes.

I highly recommend this deeply touching series by Robyn Carr.


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