Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

Nina Blackman is dead. And not just your ordinary dead, but UNdead. She didn’t start out that way. Oh, no. One minute she was a dental assistant minding her own business when a patient, hopped up on laughing gas turns around and bites her. Starting out with a craving for blood instead of hot wings with blue cheese dip was a rude awakening and her new fangs are just cumbersome. But her friends are there to help her though. And Greg, “HawtMortalityStealer” an honest to goodness vampire, is going to guide her. Whether she wants him to or not!

ACCIDENTALLY DEAD is second in this hilarious and sexy paranormal series. It’s not required for you to read THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF first, but why deny yourself the pleasure? There’s lovely character development to be had as you meet Marty, Nina’s friend, Color Wheel mentor and moon howler and Wanda, Nina’s own personal and very human Jiminy Cricket. These characters grow with each installment.

Nina wasn’t initially my favorite character. I was a bit worried about spending a whole book with her. Honestly? She scares me a little. I think she could intimidate Rambo and The Terminator combined. That’s part of what made this book so fun! Discovering what made Nina-Nina was more touching than you would expect from paranormal chick lit. I grew to adore her as a character.

Labeling Nina ‘Stubborn’ doesn’t even begin to cover it, ’cause she’s on a quest to get UN-undead. I found myself more than once laughing out loud (okay, snorting on occasion) at her tenacity. Dakota Cassidy has a gift for humor in her writing and who couldn’t use a good sidesplitting laugh? She also manages to leave us guessing, using just the right amount of suspense to keep the pages turning.

The foreshadowing for Cassidy’s next book in the series, THE ACCIDENTAL HUMAN left me frothing at the mouth. Wanda’s story promises to be just as snarky, touching and fun.

3 Responses to “Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy”

  1. A Flyer's Perspective Says:

    totally not my normal reading material, but after reading your review, I have to read this just to see what all the howling is about 😉

  2. Oreste Says:

    Hello Terri, a salute from Rome. Ciao

  3. Smart Mouth Broad Says:

    I haven’t read this book but will have to do that when things get a little quieter around here. Have you ever read the Yada Yada Prayer Group? It’s a really good Christian fiction series. I just love the characters.

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