Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost


Catherine “Cat” Crawfield is half vampire. The result of the rape by a creature of the night. Cat goes out each night to avenge her mother and hope the next vampire she kills is the one who ruined their lives. Her heritage has given her certain abilities that haven’t gone unnoticed. Which leads to her being kidnapped by a bounty hunting vampire named Bones who sees her potential. As they have the same ultimate goal, Cat reluctantly accepts Bones offer to train her and with her new partnership begins to suspect there might be vampires who aren’t completely evil. Her newly honed skills are quickly put to the test as a dangerous gang of vampires targets them for immediate assassination.

Halfway to the Grave reignited the love I have for paranormal fiction. In a popular genre in danger of growing stale with endless installments of sameoldsameold, Jeaniene Frost gifts us with a phenomenal debut series. It can’t be easy to create a unique story with engagingly feisty characters, yet Frost manages flawlessly.

Cat is a fairly complicated character. She wants to please her mother, and begins to troll for vampires in an attempt to make up for her own existence. She wants friends, and a chance at making something of herself in the world, but is torn by her desire to be accepted by her family. Something probably impossible because she’s half vampire. Enter Bones, who not only shows her what she’s capable of, but makes her thing that the prejudice she was raised with might not be what it seams. Bones is a fantastic character. I could almost see similarities between him and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that would be superficial. He does have Spike’s charisma though, in spades. He’s the perfect foil for Cat and her feistiness.

I’m so glad this is the beginning of a series. Although there are some cliffhangers, I closed the book and felt completely satisfied. Right before I rushed down to the book store to get my greedy hands on One Foot in the Grave!

A fantastic addition to urban fantasy, Jeaniene Frost is an author to add to your “must buy” list.

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