The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

sweater1Do you remember being twelve years old and wanting that one Christmas gift more than anything else in the world? A shiny red Huffy bike. You dreamt of it. You could almost feel it and touch it. You’ve made plans for all the things you could do to help out with that bike. Then on the big day, you don’t get your heart’s desire. Instead, you get an “ugly” handmade sweater.

Eddie had lost a lot by the time he was twelve. His father had passed away. His mother worked so hard to keep food on the table. Life wasn’t easy. He felt the least he deserved was a bike. His anger and resentment grows and then that night, on the way home from his grandparents, he has to face extreme loss once again. Eddie is on a difficult path to adulthood and has to face the storm clouds before he can appreciate the gifts he has been given and the life he wants.

In the tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life comes The Christmas Sweater, a touching, poignant and at times tear jerking story of love, loss and redemption. Glenn Beck has crafted a modern day parable that is classic, yet very relevant to the current life situations of today. Based on his personal story, thankfully, I can only imagine the real incidents that inspired it.

It’s a relatively simple tale, written in relatively simple prose, but carries a deeper message within. Glenn Beck is widely known for his radio talk show and television show, but you’ll find no politics, just a sweet story of redemption.

I want to give a copy to all my friends and loved ones. I want to read it to my kids and enjoy as a family. I personally think kids over the age of ten might enjoy the story and find a lot to relate to. They might even find some personal insight and inspiration along the way.

Although Christmas is in the title, and it would make a wonderful Christmas gift, it can definitely be treasured all through the year.

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