The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher

lifeKatherine Clarkson has it all. She has beautiful home, a fulfilling church life, two daughters in happy marriages both expecting their first baby, a loving husband with a successful career. Then Katherine’s perfect life is shattered when a reporter makes shocking allegations against her husband. Her marriage has always been solid, and she’s never had a reason to doubt her husband before, yet these accusations send her reeling. Katherine will need to recreate her perfect life.

Robin Lee Hatcher writes about every woman’s nightmare when Katherine’s husband is accused of embezzlement and having an affair with a former co-worker. Through these pages I felt as though I knew Katherine and her family. Her pain was real and palpable. Fortunately, so was the hope and quest for faith.

The journey we took with the characters was extremely realistic. I know I’ve stumbled in my faith during times of trial and Katherine was no different. It was inspiring to witness her developing strength as she came to God broken, on her knees. We’re tenderly reminded that faith is best when it’s more than skin deep.

This was my first book by Robin Lee Hatcher. I was encouraged by the way she created a non-Christian character as Katherine’s best friend. She was a friend respectful of her faith, and ironically encouraged her to follow it.

Life isn’t always tied up with a pretty bow, and even though there were rough edges in the story, the feeling of promise I was left with was heartening.

I am pleased to add Robin Lee Hatcher to my list of favorite authors.

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