When the Day of Evil Comes by Melanie Wells


It’s time again for Dylan Foster to shape young minds. A Texas psychology professor, Dylan has always enjoyed the respect of her colleagues. But one strange encounter with an oddly pale, bald man, could change all that. Soon, she finds herself wrestling with nightmares in a spiritual battle as her career, family and faith are put to the ultimate test.

I’m thrilled to discover this series! I love suspenseful books. Ones that keep you awake at night because you just have to find out what happens next. These kind of books are on my short list of favorite things. Discovering Christian suspense is a special treat and a story featuring a real character such as Dylan, with strong faith yet relatable short-comings is even more so. I never felt preached at, but rather uplifted as Dylan turned to scripture to equip her in her demonic battle. She is an intelligent, courageous, lovable rebel type I loved spending time with.

This was my first experience in the genre with a female protagonist and I found it extremely refreshing. The strange events at the genesis of Dylan’s investigation are the height of creepiness and it only escalates as the plot thickens. Arming herself with Ephesians six, her faith, and relentless determination Dylan never loses hope as she strives to put up a serious fight against a supernatural evil. The war Dylan fights would be almost too scary if it weren’t for her charismatic personality and resilience.

With snappy dialog, a tight plot, and mysterious happenings, WHEN THE DAY OF EVIL COMES is every nightmare come true. And I mean that in the best possible way! I couldn’t recommend it more. THE SOUL HUNTER and MY SOUL TO KEEP, books 2 and 3 in the series are all I want for Christmas!

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