Insomnia Means Lots of Reading

Finished a few books this week, thanks to a few sleepness nights. Although I’m not really complaining because I do love the peace and quiet and the amount of reading a person can get done!

I discovered this charming Coffeehouse mystery series by Cleo Coyle. The first is called “On What Grounds“. I love coffee. Not only is this a nice, unpredictable cozy mystery, but I learned more about coffee than I ever thought I’d want to. Describing the process of making Turkish coffee and French Press, and a latte versus a cappuccino was an unexpected treat I long to have again. And I simply must have a cup of Jamacian Blue Mountain before I die. It’s been added to my list. I think I must have the second in this series sooner than later.

I also read another chick lit/mystery by Meg Cabot. Third and it sounds like final in the Heather Wells series, “Big Boned”. I’m torn. I really enjoyed this fun, light mystery series! It was very entertaining without dumbing me down. I love that Meg Cabot wrapped it up for Heather. She’s happy. And she didn’t have to get skinny to get happy. Darn it! Couldn’t she struggle on just a little more? Can’t more murder and mayhem erupt at The Death Dorm? I guess not. Yay, Heather. Glad your happy. Whatever. Heh. I hope Ms. Cabot will create another chick lit/amatuer detective series with as much spunk! Here’s hoping!

And on that note, I shall retire to the boudoir with my half finished YA novel by Kelley Armstrong my daughter loved called “The Summoning”. My kid has good taste. I loved almost all of Armstrong’s other novels, and this one is just as riveting for the teen set. Okay, I’m not a teen, but I’m digging the story! A young girl can see ghosts. Which naturally means she’s nuts, so she ends up in a home for troubled kids. Thing is, she’s not nuts. She really can see ghosts. And they have been waiting for someone to talk to… Ooo, creepy, right? OooooOoooo.

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