Emily Ever After by May Vanderbilt and Anne Dayton


Emily has always dreamed of living in New York City. While living a quiet life in a small town in California the fascinating bright lights of the Big Apple were seemingly a whole world away. With a little help from her Uncle, Emily lands her dream job at a big publishing house in New York. As she tries to fit in and make friends, she finds herself beginning to compromise on her Christian values. While Emily is determined to keep her faith, she hopes meeting the right guy who actually goes to church could help keep her on track. But maybe the right guy isn’t who she thinks he is.

I was immediately charmed by Emily. The title attracted me at first, because I have a daughter named Emily and the trials and tribulations the character went through aren’t unlike what she could be facing one day when she heads out on her own. What a great book to give a young woman starting college, or leaving home for the first time.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Christian chick lit book. So I had no expectations and just relaxed and enjoyed the story. I found it to be a great illustration of morality and very realistic struggle with that morality. Emily wasn’t perfect, and she made mistakes, but overall she stayed grounded in her beliefs and true to herself.

EMILY EVER AFTER was fairly light, certainly humorous, but I loved that it made me consider my faith and how I would deal with having it put to the test. It wasn’t a mindless beach read. As a Christian, I could relate to the values Emily struggled to keep. I appreciated how difficult it was for her to have discernment in her relationship situation and saluted her standing tall when facing her boss over a proposal that she felt was immoral. Emily was strong, she was sweet, she was confused, and she was lovely. I’m glad she got her happily ever after!

One Response to “Emily Ever After by May Vanderbilt and Anne Dayton”

  1. Anne & May Says:

    Hi Literary Mama,

    Thanks so much for the awesome review of Emily! Did you catch that it’s a modern-day retelling of the biblical story of Esther?

    If you’re hungry for more, we’ve got two more Christian chick lit books: Consider Lily and The Book of Jane. And we have just kicked off a new four-book teen series called: The Miracle Girls. The first book in the series is on the shelves already and book #2 publishes in April.

    Thanks for reading!


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