The Accidental Human (Accidental Friends Series, Book 3) by Dakota Cassidy


Wanda Schwartz is enjoying a lucrative career as a Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics consultant. She is thrown for a loop when a MAN (a simply gorgeous hunk of man at that) answers her recruitment ad. Wanda learns that women aren’t the only ones who can work it with a color wheel. Heath Jefferson piques Wanda’s curiosity more than the average recruit with his designer suit, Rolex watch and Yugo parked out front.

The mystery that is Heath is the distraction Wanda needs as she learns she has a terminal illness. Although her two best friends are of the immortal persuasion and could give her a second chance at life with either fangs or fur, she is reluctant to share her burden. She believes in Fate and doesn’t want to screw up Fate’s plans. Fortunately, Fate has been working Its mojo and there is definitely more to Heath than meets the eye. Isn’t it great when Love and Fate work hand in hand?

This is the third book featuring the trio of best friends, Marty, the werewolf, Nina, the vampire and Wanda. Wanda is the glue that keeps them together. I’ve been reeeaaallly looking forward to Wanda’s story since the end of Accidentally Undead, and The Accidental Human was worth the wait. Dakota Cassidy’s talent to keep the reader perpetually intrigued without frustration is very nicely showcased here.

One of the most charming aspects to The Accidental Friends series is the relationship between the three ladies. With the onset of Wanda’s illness, there is an extremely touching scene with the trio that I needed a few tissues to get through. I’m impressed with how the author writes with sensitivity and respect for Wanda’s illness, yet the seriousness gives us the opportunity to see how deep their friendship truly is.

Somehow, Cassidy manages to keep the story upbeat and optimistic with great timing for humor amid Wanda’s dire straits. The dialog is quick witted and feisty, which really bring the characters to life. While tears are certainly jerked, there are plenty of rip-roaring laughs and steam between the sheets that I’ve come to expect from an Accidental Friends novel. That and a HEA (Happily Ever After) that I look forward to as a reader!

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