Wait Til Your Vampire Gets Home by Michele Bardsley


Paranormal investigator, Libby Monroe has stumbled upon a jackpot when she wanders into Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Looking for Bigfoot, she instead runs into Ralph Genessa, undead vampire hunk. Never expecting to fall in love with a vampire let alone actually meeting a zombie, shape shifters and finding herself in the middle of a dragon war, Libby discovers all her dreams could come true. Unless she and her one true love are deep fried by flaming dragon breath first!

Michele Bardsley enthralls us once again with her fourth installment in her hilarious paranormal romance, WAIT TIL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME. This series consistently delivers.

Libby Monroe is a unique character who charms the reader with her quirkiness and open heart. I loved the sweet and genuine relationship she developed with Ralph’s twin toddlers. Itfelt every bit as ‘meant to be’ as her relationship with their father.

The scene stealers in this book if there ever were one are the dragons. Leave it to Ms. Bardsley to turn the paranormal romance genre on its ear by inviting them to the party. Well, I suppose they are more party crashers, really.

One of my favorite aspects of this series is how we still get snippets of past characters. Patrick and Jessica, Eva and Lor, Pasty and Gabriel all make their presence known. As I continue to enjoy the series, it makes it all the more comfortable to encounter, and catch up with, my favorite paranormal pals.

While not my favorite in the Broken Heart, Oklahoma series, I thoroughly enjoyed it and have the dark circles under my eyes from a sleepless night of reading to prove it!

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