Death’s Daughter by Amber Benson


Calliope Reaper-Jones was great at shopping for designer clothes, searching for organic dim sum for her demanding boss, and living a regular life. Unfortunately, a normal life isn’t what fate has in mind for Callie. She has actually been under the thrall of a “Forget” spell and it’s come time for her to remember.

Returning to the family estate, she discovers her father, Death himself, has been kidnapped. Seems it’s time for Callie to take over the family business and hopefully save her father as well. Being the Grim Reaper isn’t as easy as it sounds, and Callie has to satisfy certain requirements in order to be official. Including a trip to Hell, keeping the Devil’s hunky protégé at bay, and making sure Kali, Goddess of Destruction keeps her temper.

I was quite impressed by Amber Benson’s first solo book. Many fans of urban fantasy and paranormal will be familiar with the author from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her portrayal of Tara. DEATH’S DAUGHTER is proof of her multitude of talents.

Calliope (what a fantastic name!) was a great character with a lot of room for growth. Although she starts out slightly self absorbed, she grows into her newfound responsibility and I had a great time getting to know her. Callie’s rapid fire wit kept me smiling page after page.

In the familiar genre of urban fantasy, I found DEATH’S DAUGHTER to be quite unique. Not a vampire or werewolf was to be found. Instead we had hellhounds, an uppity faun and other characters of mythology and religion, combined with a healthy dose of creativity.

Although there were some scenes of violence and near sexual rendezvous, this could be a fun possibility for older young adult readers. I always appreciate a book that focuses more on character and plot development.

Callie was a total kick in the pants. There’s so much potential that I am really looking forward to what DEATH’S DAUGHTER is up to next in the series. Highly recommended!

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