Reading in the Month of May…..

I didn’t read as much as I would have liked in May, (does one ever?) but what I read was wonderful!


Field of Blood by Eric Wilson wasn’t a Twilight vampire book, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for. It went deep into Biblical truths, using them as a solid foundation to tell a compellingly creepy story.

The characters are very real, and they endure difficult struggles readers looking for squeaky clean Christian heroes may be disappointed in. However, there is nothing unBiblical about the story. Fans of Dekker should really enjoy this series.

While there was no “preaching”, Field of Blood definitely captured the spirit of God’s love.   This is the first in the Jeruselum Undead Trilogy. I really enjoyed how the author wove archeological history with his characters struggle. Great story.

naturalDoesn’t She Look Natural by Angela Hunt was a definite page turner. Although it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was just what I wanted. The character goes from working on Capitol Hill to a divorced mom who inherited a funeral home. For some reason, I was expecting more politics and got more funeral business.

I never thought I could be so interested in what goes on in a mortuary, but as I joined the characters on their inspiring journey, I couldn’t stop reading. Hunt manages to keep things lighthearted when needed and respectful and uplifting when needed. When I turned the last page, I wanted to rush down to buy the second in the triolgy!

turnTurn Coat by Jim Butcher is the 11th in Harry Dresden’s adventures. It was all I expected. Jim Butcher has yet to disappoint, and with so many books in the series, that is definitely saying something. Wait! There was one disappointing thing… I miss Bob. I would have enjoyed a bit more of Bob the Skull, but other than that, it was wonderful!

Morgan, the Warden that has been a stone around Harry’s neck for most of his life shows up wounded on his doorstep. Accused of treason, Morgan is in serious trouble and how he’s made his trouble Harry’s. Harry is sarcastic, sardonic, and idealistic. I love him!

kissKiss and Hell by Dakota Cassidy takes paranormal romance in a new direction. Delaney Markham sees dead people. Yeah, like that Haley Joel kid in that movie with Bruce Willis. Only it’s not as happily ever after as The Ghost Whisperer makes it look on TV. Now she’s got a demon hanging around with nothing but bad news. Too bad he’s Mr. Wonderful. And really too bad he’s supposed to take her back to hell.

Dakota never disappoints. Her contemporary style is hilarious. She creates characters that I’d love to meet, even if they do have to keep a lifetime supply of prisms and rock salt to keep demons at bay!

hostsHosts by F. Paul Wilson is the fifth installment of the Repairman Jack series. Focusing on two stories, Jack is put in the position of saving a subway car full of people from a terrorist. Now he’s the city’s “savior” everyone wants to know, but no one can know Jack… The other story involves his sister who’s concerned for her friend. She’s in remission from a brain tumor but has odd behaviorial episodes and wanders off to meet strangers. Jack would do anything for his sister, and soon that is put to the ultimate test.

Jack is one of the most compelling characters ever. I heart him! Every book in this series is so vastly different from the last, yet keeps the same feel. This keeps each new installment fresh. Reading them back to back is not a problem because these aren’t the same rehashed plots. This one is more of a medical drama with some supernatural elements and with Jack, Gia, Vicky and Abe around for some wonderful familiarity.

Haunted Air by F. Paul Wilson is the next in the Repairman Jack series, and my favorite so far.

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  1. Debbie Says:

    Hey, I just downloaded a sample of the Eric Wilson book because it sounded so intriguing!

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