I Got a New Booooook

I know, big deal, right? I’ve been trying (and mostly failing) to read books from my bulging shelves. Books I’ve had for years and have been wanting to read. I’m a finicky girl though (and I think my husband would agree, although he better not agree too heartily!) and I have to be in the mood. Sometimes a book will call my name, and talk me into buying, but end up hanging out on the shelf for a while. Other times, a book will call my name, and I must buy and read immediately. Tonight was one of those times. Thank you, payday!

I’ve been looking forward to buying the second in Angela Hunt’s Fairlawn series, SHE ALWAYS WORE RED. But then, calling to me from across the store, was a book I wasn’t expecting. By an author I haven’t heard from in a long time. I loved the first two in her series, hated the third and kept waiting for a fourth to redeem itself. Finally! Lo and behold!

Kyra Davis’ LUST, LOATHING AND A LITTLE LIP GLOSS. I can’t explain my nearly unbridled excitement. I was so hugely disappointed by OBSESSION, DECEIT AND REALLY DARK CHOCOLATE. I think it was actually one of my first negative reviews, and I hated writing it. This new release caught me by total surprise. I’m usually on top of things like this…

So, I hope no one minds. I’ll be buried in a book tomorrow. Someone please water my garden. Thanks!

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