Kiss and Hell by Dakota Cassidy


Some people see the image of Oprah burned on their morning Wonder Bread. Some people see car keys float midair. Some people even claim to see UFO’s. Delaney Markham? She sees ghosts. And hears ghosts. And it makes her life pretty darn difficult with the spectres popping in and out at all hours. In her attempt to make lemonade out of lemons, Delaney holds séances to make ends meet and maybe help people find some closure. Okay, she comes across the occasional demon, but that’s what her industrial sized box of Morton’s salt is for. Until Clyde. He’s a demon that just won’t leave her side. Fortunately, he’s easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, Lucifer has bid him to drag Delaney to hell. Why are the good ones always married or demons?

Dakota Cassidy has done it again. She’s written another hilarious, laugh until your snorting out loud, and your kids bring their friends over to take pictures of you for blackmail, book. And in these tough times, we all need some good funny. Fans of The Accidental Werewolf, Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Human will love KISS AND HELL. The same unique style and sense of humor, only with a whole new set of characters and a distinctive flair, it’s a winner. Delaney says so many wonderfully sarcastic things that dance around in my head, but I don’t have the nerve to say. Or chic to pull off.

And yet there is always a sensitive side to Ms. Cassidy’s books bringing just a bit of realism to the urban fantasy. Her characters are fruitful and fulfilling in ways I wish more people were. Delaney’s love affair with her 6 needy doggies was hilarious and touching at the same time. And Clyde was a sexy beast for taking them potties in the early morning hours! Yeah, give me a leading man with six pack abs, but one who loves three legged dogs and takes them potty? Now that is sexy. Another well written tome from Dakota Cassidy!

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