Sister Wife by Diane Noble

The Sister Wife (Brides of Gabriel Book One)

Diane Noble

ISBN: 978-0061962226

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Love finds Lady Mary Rose Ashley, a new convert to Mormonism and ship architect, Gabriel MacKay aboard a ship traveling from England to America. Marrying during their travels, the new couple find themselves in the settlement of Nauvoo, where Prophet Joseph Smith receives a revelation about plural marriage. Mary Rose is put in a difficult situation when her best friend, Bronwyn is suddenly widowed and Gabriel is told he must marry her. While Bronwyn professes to remain platonic, Mary Rose fears her husband is falling in love.

In the first book in the Brides of Gabriel series, we are introduced to the foundation of polygamy in Mormonism in the 1800’s. An extremely well researched and gripping story that tactfully illustrates different belief systems while keeping the reader riveted.  What proves to be an accurate account of what life must have been like in the burgeoning Illinois settlement; THE SISTER WIFE explores the practice of plural marriage without sensationalizing it.

Written with depth of emotion and strength of character, Diane Noble holds her readers captive. The biggest disappointment was that it was over too soon.

Avon Inspire, June 2010, 352 Pages, $12.99, Reviewed by Terri Dukes

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