Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

From BooklistHannah returns to a minor character, Meghann, from Distant Shores [BKL My 1 02], and explores her life in-depth as she and her sister confront the past in order to have a better future relationship. They share a bitter childhood and find it difficult to trust each other, but for Meghann it goes deeper as her inability to trust anyone leads to a dangerously promiscuous lifestyle. Both sisters feel betrayed by the other, and now lead very different lives. Meghann, a shark of a Seattle divorce attorney, has been in therapy for years. Claire leads a simple, small-town life, and now tells her sister that she’s getting married. Meghann initially tries to save her sister from what she believes will be a disaster since she doesn’t believe in love, only in prenups, but eventually she adopts a more positive attitude and takes the first step toward healing the rift. Then Joe arrives, a wanderer with his own issues. Change comes gradually but with such finesse that the reader will enter the characters’ relationships and make them her own as Hannah transcends the mundane in this gratifying, five-hankie story. Patty EngelmannCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

My thoughts:

A friend recommended this to me in an effort to encourage me out of my paranormal rut I was in. I’m glad she did. I was up past 2AM last night because I had to finish it. Fair warning, when you get to a certain point, there is no way you can put it down. Floods, avalanche, Aunt Bessy paying a surprise visit, nothing.

The author connects all the dots, and ties everything up with a nice little pink bow, and that’s just the way it should be. With all the drama and trauma in life, it seems only fair, but the road is bumpy along the way. I cried tears of incredible sadness that morphed into tears of joy.

Kristin Hannah is now an author I will seek out. I found my way out of my paranormal rut and into women’s literature. Thank you, Lori!

One Response to “Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah”

  1. Lori Says:

    You’re very welcome, my friend!! You should be able to find many more of hers on PBS. I also really enjoyed The Things we do for Love and Distant Shores.

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