Face the Fire by Nora Roberts

From Library Journal:When Sam Logan returns to Three Sisters Island after an 11-year absence, he has two goals in mind: revitalizing the family hotel and reclaiming Mia Devlin, the woman he loved as a teenager and then deserted. However, the wary Mia is not the na ve girl he left behind; as one of three powerful witches charged with saving the island from an ancient curse, she is not about to let Sam hurt her again or interfere with her task. But Sam has a part to play in the final confrontation with the evil that threatens the island-and the people he loves. Fast-paced, beautifully sensual, and filled with three-dimensional characters readers would want as friends, this concluding volume of Roberts’s trilogy (which includes Dance upon the Air and Heaven and Earth) rewards fans with a well-told tale that neatly ties up all the ends with a fiery climax that reaffirms the power of love over evil. A best-selling writer and member of the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, Roberts lives in Keedysville, MD. Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.
My thoughts:
This was my favorite of the trilogy and took me the longest to start. Mia is all any woman has ever wanted to be. Confident, unbelievably gorgeous, independently wealthy, owns a fabulous bookstore and everyone is in love with her the minute they set eyes on her. She’s just a little too unreal sometimes but I wouldn’t mind being Mia when I grow up.

The Wiccan chanting and spells play a larger roll in this book and while I take it with a grain of salt, it plays off as a tad hokey. “No one who passes now need fear. You can do no more harm here.”

That being said, it was a fun read. I enjoyed the characters and adored Three Sisters Island. If only such a place existed, I would enjoy regular visits. The relationship between Mia and Sam was a slow burn as he worked hard to rekindle love. Which of course is directly linked to saving the island under a 300 year curse. His determination paid off in the end and it the book ends in action and fireworks and all too quickly. I’m not one for traditional romance novels, but this book has a lot more going on then love in the afternoon.

Personal Note:
It took so long for me to pick up this trilogy because it reminds me of my Grandma. We shared books a lot, and she loved this series and anything Nora Roberts put to paper. When she was in the hospital, I chatted with a housekeeper there who loved the series as well. There was a book sale going on downstairs and I picked up the first in the series that sparked a lively conversation. One of the few Grama was up to having while she was hospitalized.
After Gram passed away, I didn’t have much interest in bringing back memories. I still grieved. I loved sharing books with her (she actually did most of the sharing) and felt a connection with her. I suppose after finally starting this series, it took me the longest to read this one because the connection would end. But I still have the memories.

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