Sex Money Kiss by Gene Simmons

From the Publisher:
Publishers Weekly
Exhibiting an “abiding faith in self” and an ability to think outside the traditional parameters of ethics, religion, rituals and social mores, rock legend and Kiss founding member Simmons (KISS and Make-Up) offers his no-holds-barred life philosophy. Presenting the book as “access to the American dream” of money and happiness and warning that what he says is only “food for thought” and that he’ll be painting with wide strokes, Simmons recounts his rise from an immigrant boy who didn’t speak English until his teens and paid for college buying and selling old comic books, to his current music, recording, acting and publishing successes. Narrated in a distinctive, deep voice and peppered with expletives and frequent interjections of the word “baby” for emphasis, Simmons touches on a range of topics, including investment advice, his brief stint as a teacher and behind-the-scenes Kiss business negotiations, which fans are especially sure to appreciate in audio format. Simmons’s humor, perfectly suited in translation from prose, begins with his “salute” to modern women, who he contends are ultimately slaves to biology, and a funny explanation of why men can’t be monogamous (because “women are from Mars; men have penis.”). Simultaneous release with the New Millennium hardcover (Forecasts, May 19). (June) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

My Comments:
Other then the continual “marriage is from hell” mantra, I found this book fairly interesting. I’ve never been a KISS fan. I never really cared much about Gene Simmons, but I must confess, I watched his show on A&E last season and was fairly compelled by it. I would be more intrigued by his other book, “KISS and Makeup” because it’s more a straight biography. Gene was raised by a single mother. They were immigrants to this country, and he didn’t even speak English until his teens. He’s had an incredible drive from the time he was a young child. He always had something going on. Some way of making money. It almost seems to be an obsession. But as much as I disagree with him on religion and relationships, the man must be doing something right. His kids and would be wife love and adore him and he adores them. He’s very successful in business and the music industry. He has a sense of self and confidence that is completely foreign to me and I found it a quality I admire.

Keep it or pass it on?:
I’ll be passing this book on. I think Gene would be proud that I bought in on the bargain book shelf at Barnes and Noble and I didn’t even spend my own money on it. Gift Cards rule.

One Response to “Sex Money Kiss by Gene Simmons”

  1. LoriM Says:

    You’re so funny!! I watched one episode of his show recently and find him so completely arrogant and annoying. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

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