Fuzzy Navel by J.A. Konrath

fuzzy1I have a list of authors or books in a series that I must have the moment they come out. It’s a compulsion bordering on obsession. I keep a close eye on release dates and budget accordingly. J.A. Konrath has found his way to the top of this list, which means budget be damned, I need me another hit of Jack Daniels!

This fifth installment in the series presents our heroine in one dilly of a pickle. First, she’s got snipers killing sexual offenders and cops alike with no motive in sight. Next, the deadliest villain (dare I say nemesis?) Jack has ever faced is holding her mother and fiancée hostage. Before the night is over the snipers will find their way to Jack’s house, then Jack, her partner and couple of friends who stopped by to lend a hand find themselves in the middle of a bad guy sandwich, with themselves as the filling!

Maybe I’ve been missing Jack Bauer and need a “24” fix, but I daresay Jack Daniels puts Mr. Bauer to shame in her own 8 hours of non-stop hell on earth. I wonder how fond J.A. Konrath is of this fantastic character he created because he really puts her through the ringer this time! Fortunately, Harry McGlade and her mom’s cranky killer cat make an appearance to provide plenty of hilarity because the reader needs it to break up the relentless tension. Holy cow. I have high blood pressure for Pete’s sake! This series should come with a Surgeon General warning. I love it! I’ve never cringed and laughed so much in one sitting. This is a wonderfully unique series that is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone while you test out your nightlight.

Sorry, folks, but Jack isn’t one for short cuts. Enjoy your introduction to the series from the very beginning with WHISKEY SOUR on the house at www.jakonrath.com. That’s right. You can download the first book for free!

I don’t ever remember reading a book that left me wanting more quite like FUZZY NAVEL. Once you’ve finished, you’ll want to go to Konrath’s website and read the author’s special message to the readers he adores to torture so! I’m already counting the days until CHERRY BOMB in June of 2009.

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