The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Happy birthday, Lizzie Brown! First there’s a demon in your toilet bowl, then your AWOL, Harley riding grandma with a jelly jar full of witches brew suddenly shows up on your doorstep, and finally your hyper-active Jack Russell Terrier has started talking to you. But best of all… You’re a demon slayer. Maybe you should change your dinner reservations because Hell is out to get you!

Wow! Okay, I have to say it again. Wow! This debut by author Angie Fox knocked me flat on my rear!

I was loathe to put THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER down and found myself discovering new places to hide and read. More than once I came out of the bath with pruny toes or suffered dark circles under my eyes from staying up all night. Reading at stop lights is definitely not recommended by this reviewer. It could cause horn honking and possible hand gestures.

A biker bar full of Granny witches in leather and halter tops was only the beginning as we’re introduced to a gorgeous Greek shape-shifting griffon with his own plans for Lizzie. The chemistry could not be denied and the steam these two generated fogged up my glasses.

It was non-stop fun from the first page to the last. The frisky, larger than life characters kept me turning pages and were established quickly and with much aplomb!

I’m still not sure exactly what made Pirate, the spastic yet loyal dog start talking, but it made for some cute moments. He was featured enough for moments of levity and was a constant for Lizzie from her previous life as a pre-school teacher.

In the uber popular genre of paranormal romance, just about everything has been done before, yet THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER keeps it fresh and unique carving out a place for itself. Scoot over Sookie Stackhouse and Queen Betsy Taylor. There’s a new player in town and Lizzie Brown is going to need some room!

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