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Even Now by Karen Kingsbury

December 1, 2008

This is my first book by “The Queen of Christian Fiction”, Karen Kingsbury, and it certainly won’t be my last. Planning to only read a few pages, I was immediately transported and lost myself in the story.

The flashback in the beginning of the novel seamlessly flowed into the rest of the plot giving us a hint of what to look for and still hungry to discover how the events unfolded.

The characters were tangible and very relatable. These people had flaws just like anyone else and paid terrible prices for their decisions. The reader isn’t preached at, as is sometimes a complaint with Christian Fiction, but is simply told a story.

Fraught with beautiful sentimentality, Kingsbury weaves an intricate tale of love and loss, forgiveness and faith. The only flaw in this having to swallow the reasons why these people haven’t been able to find one another in this day and age. But the overall storytelling more than makes up for the suspension of disbelief one must sustain.

Handled with delicate non-partisanship, current issues of Afghanistan and the Iraq war are woven into the story , bringing even more realism. This is an integral part of the story as we’re asked to believe two families have spent 18 years looking for each other with no success.

I’ve already recommended this book to friends and family and look forward to sharing more of Karen Kingsbury’s stories of faith and hope in the future.