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The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer

July 28, 2009

Genie Michaels boyfriend of four years is finally proposing….On National television no less! Unfortunatly, just not to her. But since everyone thinks he proposed to her, and he has left her to deal with the aftermath, she decides to just go with the flow.sleeping-beauty

As her mother plans the reception and wedding gifts start flooding in, Genie begins to blossom. A new trainer to get her in shape for her dress, new knickers for the wedding night are just a few things that bring out the confidence Genie’s been missing. Unfortunately, she’s getting “married” just in time to meet Mr. Right.

This book was so much fun! From the cringe-worthy beginning when Genie realizes her boyfriend wasn’t actually proposing to her to all the moments after where she changes into the confident woman really deserving of a Happily Ever After.

I enjoyed the flawed and interesting characters Strohmeyer created. It makes them all the more realistic and easy to relate to giving the reader someone to cheer for. There are just enough plot twists to make the story familiar yet unpredictable.

One could even go deeper and think of this book as a bit of a character study. Why do we wait to give new brides a shower to start their new life with Cuisinarts and cutting boards? Why do we wait for a prospective husband to give us a diamond ring? I didn’t really buy the feminist aspect of the story, but it made for fun reading and gave the characters justification for their actions. I also didn’t agree with the point that I think the author was making regarding the importance of marriage. I didn’t think that the end justified the means as far as the deception went, but it was a light-hearted read that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Cherry Bomb by J.A. Konrath

July 20, 2009


Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels has survived and escaped her deadliest foe only to be tormented and tortured by the madwoman again and again. Alex Kork, the psychopathic, sadistic serial killer from Hell, isn’t done with Jack yet. She calls the guilt ridden Jack at the funeral of a loved one, putting yet another depraved plan into action. In order to finally catch Kork, Jack finds herself working without her badge, official resources, with only her grief for fuel.
I am a very selfish book reviewer and committed fan of the Jack Daniels series. Now that I have made that confession, I have to be honest and get my disappointment out of the way… It was too darn short! 304 pages would normally be a good length, but I’m greedy. The shock and awe chapters are rapidly paced, making bathroom breaks a challenge. I do have to say, sadly, that once you bring in a monkey into your story line, you’re getting ready to jump the shark, if you haven’t already. This monkey was particularly heinous and disgusting, bringing a certain humorous je ne sais quoi, but like the cashmere sweater that became his girlfriend, some things are better left undone.
Konrath isn’t shy about putting his characters through torment. This time, he puts Jack in touch with her darkest side, testing her strength like never before. Fortunately, Phineas Troutt is back in Cherry Bomb . He’s got to be one of my, and many readers, favorite characters in the series.
The ending had a very conclusive flavor to it. It did leave some openings for more from Jack and Friends, but tied also everything up with that closing time feel. I hope the bar stools haven’t been put up for the night!